Get Bubble Soccer Party Rentals For Your Next Party

Florida has become the hotspot for bubble soccer. For groups with ten to more people, the sport is very entertaining. The game can be played outside or on hardwood floors in basketball lot. This game combines both the silly zorbing experience and the intense physical activity of football. Inflatable plastic balls known as knockerballs cover players’ upper bodies. To run and kick, players can use their legs. It is the aim of both teams to try and score as many as possible goals in their opponents’ goal. Since the knockerballs provide protection from impact forces, it is acceptable to slam players into one another.

Is it Easier to Rent Opus Event Rentals & Bubble Soccer Equipment than Buy?

Rental of bubble soccer equipment in Florida allows for the enjoyment of the game during a party for just a few short hours. The knockerball service provider will send a referee who will help to setup the equipment as well as guide the participants on how to play the game. There are two nets on each goal, bubble soccer orbs as well cones marking the game field. Referees deflate knockerballs, and remove the equipment after the match. Rental equipment is a great way to reduce the amount of time it takes you to set up the party and save the cost and hassle associated with purchasing the orbs, and air blower used for their inflation.

Bubble Soccer Tips

Fun should be the primary goal for every player. Men and women can play bubble soccer as long as they fit into the knockerball comfortably and are able to move around while wearing it. Wearing a loose T-shirt or shorts is enough. Running shoes are also required. You can see better through the upper and lower parts of the Knockerball. There are many team games that can be played with knockerballs, including Last Man Standing whereby the player remaining standing when the other players fall is the winner, Red Rover, or Kill the Head.

Guidelines for Renting Bubble Soccer Equipment

You should follow some basic precautions when you rent bubble soccer to play at parties in Florida. You can use a pump, blower or both to inflate knockerballs. Inflate the knockerballs until the ball is taut like a soccer ball. A pair of wrist and back straps allow you to easily grip your knockerball. All of these must be worn at all time to ensure that the ball does not slip away during play. While playing you should avoid having loose items, glasses and jewelry. Game should only be played on well-lit surfaces and it must stop in the event of a heavy rain or wind. You should never spray the knockerballs with water, as that can result in injury. Avoid putting rocks and twigs in the play area as they can hurt players or damage their equipment.

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